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BBQ Basting Brush

Product categories: Household Items
Material:food grade silicone
Lead time:7-10 workdays
Certificates:BPA FREE, FDA approved
Payment Terms:Paypal, T/T, western union

2016 Barbecue Basting Brush BBQ Basting Brush Best Basting Brush For Grill

Specification of silicone barbecue basting brush

Item name: silicone BBQ basting brush

Product code: B5

Matrial: basting brush made of food grade silicone

Dimension: 3.7*4.2cm

Weight: 13.4g

Colors option: yellow, orange, sky blue, turquoise, chocolate or custom color

Aapplication: best basting brush for grill, portable sauce brush in picnic, silicone soft brush in barbecue, use with our sauce bottle, leak proof and portable.

The basting brush made of bpa free silicone, non-toxic, safe to contact with food.

Silicone material is high temperature resistance, baste food on the hot grill without burning your handbest

bbq basting brush for grill.

This barbecue basting brush is not use individually, it need to use with the squeezable sauce bottle together.

Our silicone bottle is lightweight and unbrokenable, leak proof and squeezable, best tube for sauce, salad, oil,


When go grill and picnic, you can put sauce or oil in the silicone bottle, leak proof, when start barbecue, just need to screw the silicone barbecue basting brush, squeeze the body, then sauce will apply on food evenly, and not get your hand dirty, very convenient.

5 colors for choose in the silicone barbecue basting brush, of course you can custom any color in the best basting brush to meet your market deamd.

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